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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chapter 21 - Surprise!

Dear Readers

This was a long break on my part. A lot happened in the past couple of weeks that left me a bit unprepared and shocked. My mother in law lost her long battle to cancer and left us on Dec 26th, 2012. I was dealing with a lot in the family and not in a frame of mind to write a chapter. She is in a better place and went peacefully. I was trying to distract myself with other short bursts of activity and today finally found the mental discipline to jot the next chapter down. Thanks for your patience and for staying with me.


The knock on the door startled NK. He wasn't expecting any visitors at this hour. He closed the windows on his laptop and shut it. He was surprised to see ASR and Khushi outside the door. A pall sent in his mind as he had a fairly accurate idea of the reasons for their visit. He straightened his face and plastered a smile before he opened the door.

“Hi, you guys! What a pleasant surprise. Hi Khushi!” He looked between them and made a mental note of the grim look on ASR’s face. Khushi smiled but ASR walked in”
“We need to talk.”

“Okay! Come on in Khushi. How about some coffee first?” NK let in Khushi and headed to his small apartment kitchen to start a fresh pot of coffee.

ASR was about interrupt when Khushi shot him a reprimanding look. He decided to hold his horses for a bit longer. Khushi had no idea why they were here. She was simply told they were to meet NK. She decided to help NK with coffee cups and cream.

The two engaged in inane small talk while ASR built a slow burn, unable to hold back his anger any further. When NK brought his cup of coffee, he almost snatched it and set it on the table with a bang.
“Alright, let’s cut to the chase. We have a problem, NK.” He bored at his partner.
“Cool it, man. Whats going on?” NK’s heart was racing while his mind was doing a number thinking of excuses to explain what would be the inevitable question from ASR.

“You moved 150k from Khushi’s account. Why?”

Khushi almost choked on her coffee.

“ASR, sit down and calm down. I can explain.” NK tried to make peace.

“Explain? How can you explain? Its money laundering, fraud. You can have your ass thrown in jail for this travesty.”
“Please, there is a good reason for it. Sit down.” NK was struggling to keep his cool and that drove ASR mad. In a sudden move, he leaned forward and grabbed NK’s collar and spat out, “Don’t you dare do that! I can whoop your ass for good you motherfucker!”

“Hey! Careful now.” Khushi piped in, “Let him explain, ASR. As a matter of fact, I am quite curious too.” She clipped her sentence with short emphatic words, and NK knew he was cornered.

“I did it for Gitu.” He blurted.

Khushi was not ready to believe. Her shocked face alarmed NK and ASR.

“Khushi, don’t panic, let me explain. Gitu needed money urgently. She tried to reach you many times but because you were in protective custody, she couldn’t. She told me that her dad was going through chemotherapy and he did not have medical insurance. The hospital bills were piling up and she didn't know who to turn to.” NK rattled off in quick litany and noted with discomfort that Khushi had tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Khushi, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have let her use my laptop. It is my mistake. But she was so sad about her dad and his condition. I didn’t have that kind of money on me and I was…never mind, its too late now.”

Khushi stood up and simply said, “Gitu’s dad died three years ago.”

NK felt his gut had been punched. “What?”

“Gitu’s dad died three years ago. I was there at his funeral.” Khushi repeated without a tint of emotion.

“Oh my god! No, no, no. This is all wrong. I am so sorry ASR!”  He looked at ASR who was glowering at him and ready to strangle the man. He wanted to punch NK.

Khushi stood up looking gaunt and defeated. 

“You better pray hard you dickhead that your ass is not in jail. I am going to report you.” ASR bit his words
“ASR, I am sorry! Is there anything I can do…Anything, but please, you can’t do this to me.” NK pleaded, unsure if his words would make difference. 

“You bet, I will.” ASR rubbed his temples while Khushi picked her cup and left the room for kitchen. She felt her entire world had been turned upside down once again. Her family had betrayed her, her very best friend embezzled money from her.

Gitu! Why, why did you not tell me? I would have given the world for you. Khushi braced her hands on the edge of kitchen sink and sobbed.

“ASR, please. I beg of you.” NK continued his pleas which were mostly falling on deaf ears. ASR was burning with naked anger from his head to toes. He could not believe his friend would be let his dick do all the thinking and let a chit of girl take advantage of him.

“There is one thing you can do.” ASR deliberated with a calculated move.

“Anything. Just say it.” NK felt a short rush of relief.
“Get me the serial numbers on the Sabres.”

NK’s face drained of color, “I…I “ he hesitated and weighed his options quickly. There were none.
ASR watched him with murderous eyes and NK knew better than to say no. He nodded.
“Fax me the papers by tonite to my home.” ASR finished and headed to the kitchen to take care of Khushi.


Khushi was silent in the car.

“Are you ok?” he asked, patting her head. She turned to him and realized with a touch of relief that he was about the only person who was left in the world who had not lied, cheated or fooled her. But there were a few things she had to do before she could accept him into her life.

“Take me to Gitu’s” she asked. He nodded.

Gitu’s apartment was on the same floor as Khushi’s. Khushi did not like visiting her building, it brought the memories of that unfortunate night back with vivid details. She felt eerily out of place and her senses caught an imagined stench of death as she stepped out of the elevator to her floor. Yet, she had to confront her fears once and for all and find out how many more betrayals she had to face before her life was over. Khushi had no idea the ultimate betrayal she was about to face.

ASR held her by her waist to give her strength and knocked on Gitu’s door. He signaled Khushi to stand away from the peep hole to prevent detection. The door cracked open a bit and a familiar voice asked, "Who is it?"

ASR signaled Khushi to stay silent. The door opened further and a head peeked out to see who was at the door. ASR pushed in while the person behind the door resisted and pushed back. He wedged his foot by the door and with one last force, opened the door completely.

“Payal!” Khushi asked in shock.

“Who’s at the door, Payal?” Gitu walked into the foyer and stopped in her tracks. Her shock was only surpassed by the shocked faces of Khushi and ASR.

“Khushi! What are you doing here?”Payal asked with her usual disdain.
Khushi stepped forward and asked sternly,” That’s what I want to know. What are you doing here?”

“Wait, everyone. I can explain.” Gitu stepped forward.
“Yeah, I’d like to hear that, thank you very much.”ASR scanned the shocked faces of the three women in the room. 

This was quickly devolving into a sleazy soap drama and he did not like it one bit. 


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    Hey SJ, I've started a new venture in writing. I'm writing in my blog,IF and Myedunia site. If you are interested, please do read mine and let me know your views. I have Pmed you my links in IF. Please do check and comment whenever you get time :)

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    And thank you! For this chapter :)
    Needless to say, I completely LOVED it! I was stalking this thread and when I saw chapter 21 it was as if the title was for me - 'Surprise!' :D
    Poor Khushi, I feel so bad for her. Betrayed on all sides. Thank heavens she has ASR.
    Gitu - with Payal? That was a shocker. Whats going on? Is Gitu also involved with the mafia? Whats Gitu's motive? Not just money for sure. Intriguing, as hell!
    This sure is like a soap opera, and I'm dying to know who is the real villain-mastermind behind all!
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  36. Hi SJ,

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