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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chapter 13 - Secrets in blood

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Sasi knew it was going to be a long evening of explanations. He needed a drink to make it happen.
“Drink?” he offered ASR.
“Yes, Bourbon, please”
Sasi poured them drinks and handed ASR his drink. He settled on the couch across the coffee table and continued.

“Khushi descends from the royal family of Gwalior. She is the daughter of Maharaja Mahinder Singh Chauhan, the grandson of the last monarch of Gwalior, His Royal Highness, Maharaja Ratan Singh Chauhan.”
“And who are her parents?”
Sasi quaffed the scotch and winced as the alcohol burnt his insides. He looked straight at ASR and decided the truth had to be told.
“She is the child of Mahinder Singh Chauhan and Sarah Schwab, born out of wedlock.”

“Wait!” ASR’s eyes widened as he heard a distinctly Jewish name
“Mahinder Sing Chauhan and Sarah Schwab.” ASR repeated, letting the unlikely combination sink into his psyche. “ So her father is the grandson of Maharaja Ratan Singh Chauhan and her mother is….a German Jew?” he posed it both as an observation and a question.

“Yes” Sasi clarified. His forehead creased as he recounted the heavy burden of secrets he had carried for years, now threatening to rip him apart with impunity.  ASR had formed a riot of questions but he knew he had to give the old doctor some time to formulate his responses. So he waited.

“Mahinder and I grew up together. After our college, Mahinder took over the management of business ventures and wealth of the royal family. As far as I can remember, my ancestors were under the employment of the Royal family of Gwalior from Ratangarh. In fact, Maharaja Ratan Singh Chauhan was my benefactor who funded my medical education and living expenses. The Guptas bear allegiance to the family for generations and I was no exception. I had sworn my allegiance to Khushi’s dad, Mahinder. Although Mahinder treated me as a peer and a friend, there was no doubt in my mind that if he ever called for it, I’d lay my life down for him and his family.”

“Ok, how did Khushi’s father end up having a bastard child?” ASR was impatient to cut to the chase.
“Don’t!” Sasi raised his voice slightly and waved a finger. “Don’t call her that. She is the rightful owner and heiress to the family fortune and the throne, the first born of Maharaja Mahinder Singh Chauhan. Don’t ever forget that.” He said with finality and authority, causing ASR to recoil in surprise.

“I….I am sorry, I did not mean any disrespect” he apologized to Sasi.

“Good, because no one should ever forget who she is, what she is and what her family has done for us. She comes from one of the richest royal families of India, one that exerted immense power, and were widely respected before Indian Independence. The Ratangarh branch was one of the most progressive monarchy of its times. Mahinder and his father, Madhav Singh before that, were tuned to the pulse of the people. Maharaja Ratan Singh was feared but his son Madhav and followed by Mahinder were respected and revered by the masses.”

“They gave up their kingdoms willingly to annexation to join the republic of post independent India. Madhav Singh and Mahinder Singh were widely eulogized for their egalitarian views and they shared their wealth. The wealth you see around me, the comforts my family enjoys – it belongs to Khushi’s family, passed on to us because we took the responsibility of caring for her.”

ASR nodded and accepted the old man’s reprimand as a reminder to be careful in future.

Sasi stoked the fireplace wood to reignite the fire, causing a few embers to fly out. He smiled sardonically, because his soul mimicked the fireplace, burning cinders and fly-away embers that were ready to burn everything too weak to withstand the fire. He fisted his left palm to find courage to continue. ASR observed the man fight his feelings but kept quiet letting him pace his story.

“The poor child got cheated of her rightful place. Stupid traditions, shame, secrets, everything went against her. I remember that fateful day like it happened yesterday.” Sasi’s eyes gazed into some distant past, flooding his conscious with memories.

“That day, Mahinder summoned me to his office. He appeared very disturbed and upset. All he told me was that he was to be away in Switzerland for six months and that during the time he was gone, I was to manage the family finances and keep my lips sealed about his whereabouts.”

“I see.” ASR spoke, not sure where the conversation was leading or how all this was connected to the Sabres. Sasi poured himself another drink and sat by the fireplace, continuing his reminiscence.

“Mahinder left the country for six months. We didn’t know where he was in Switzerland or why he was there. He called us once a week to let us know he was safe. Of course, Mahinder’s wife, Rani Suchitra was beyond grief because she didn’t know why Mahinder had chosen to disappear. I think Mahinder met Khushi’s mom during his time away at Switzerland.”

“What do you know about her mother?” ASR asked, his interest peaking at the potential connection between Khushi’s Jewish heritage and the Russian Jewish Mafia that was on their hot pursuit.

“Not much, I'm afraid. I never met Sarah. From what I know from Mahinder, she was a waitress at a café in Zurich and he had met her by sheer chance.” Sasi shook his head in disapproval and continued, “I don’t think Mahinder was truthful to me. I think he sought Sarah out. I don’t know why but I think his trip to Switzerland was connected to Sarah. I don’t think he intended to start a relationship with her or get her pregnant but I think whatever mystery he was hiding from us, it had something to do with Sarah.”

“I am curious too because Khushi’s mom is Jewish and the Russian Mafia’s Jewish wing seems to be behind the attack on Khushi. I think there might be a connection. I will ask Kevin to find out more about Sarah Schwab. Dr. Gupta, you have to promise to give me any documentation and information you have regarding Sarah Schwab. That is the key that connects all the dots.”

Sasi agreed and got up to open a locked safe in his library. He took out a wooden box, which had a brass lock and handed it to ASR.

“Everything I have from Mahinder is in this box. Read it after we finish here.”

ASR took the box and decided to open it later in his room. For now, he wanted to hear the rest of the story Sasi had to share.

“So Mahinder returned from Switzerland after six months. Did he tell you about Sarah then?”

“No, When Mahinder returned, he was a changed man. Something bothered him to distraction. On many occasions, he told me he felt like a thief and a fraud. I didn’t know what to make of it and didn’t feel it was my place to ask for further explanations but I could tell he was really struggling inside. He bequeathed every penny he had to others and my family was the biggest beneficiary for obvious reasons. He became increasingly sickly and gaunt, and at times I thought, somewhat delusional. He was fighting to keep some secret and eventually, he seemed to have lost the will to live."

"Rani Suchithra was worried about him and thought it was because she could not bear him an heir. She pressured him to adopt a baby boy, Karan, who was born to a distant cousin. But nothing seemed to help Mahinder. In any case, the house of cards toppled when a series of strange deaths and attacks began on people close Mahinder. He was paranoid and, if I may say so, genuinely scared.”

“Did he tell you who was behind the attacks?” ASR asked.

“No. But one day, out of the blue, he visited Garima and me with pressing urgency. He brought this box with him and asked us to keep it safe with us because he could not trust anyone in the palace. And then he asked us a strange question – whether we would be move out of the country to Switzerland in less than a week. Garima was pregnant with Payal at the time, but our loyalties were put to test and we felt compelled to agree. He asked us to keep our conversation a secret and promised to make arrangements for our visa, travel and stay in Switzerland.”

“A week later, he came in secretively and gave us our travel documents, tickets and address of the person we were to contact in Switzerland. He then told us about Sarah and Khushi. Sarah had passed on during child birth and Khushi was with her maternal aunt. We were to claim Khushi, pay her aunt a handsome amount in return and officially adopt her. Mahinder had made all the arrangements for us, paperwork, money, stay, contacts everything. I guess when you are connected, everything falls in place.”

Sasi paused to put his thoughts in sequence and continued, “Garima and I left the country for good, never to look back. Twenty seven years and counting” he sighed, a note of nostalgia played in his words.

“Once in Switzerland we claimed Khushi, who was ten months old at the time, and we began our stay in a small suburb of Zurich. Several months passed with no news from Mahinder. I tried contacting him but all my attempts were dead-ended. I began working in a pharmacy and we had Payal there. It was a difficult transition for Garima but she never complained. She showered Khushi her affections and raised her like her own. We are both aware of the grave responsibility and to this day we know, when the time comes, Khushi will have to rise to her calling, and be the princess that she truly is.”

“Anyways, many months passed with no news from Mahinder. Then we heard the news that Mahinder, his wife and their adopted son were all killed in a road accident.”

At that point, Sasi found it difficult to continue and paced the room to gain his strength. His legs didn’t agree and he slumped into the couch.

“It was a shock for us, suffice it to say. We knew the road accident was not an accident. Mahinder had always feared for the life of his family and he had made sure all the finances, wealth and anything meaningful was transferred to a bank in Switzerland under Khushi’s name, his first born. No one knew about Khushi and he knew that his heritage and lineage will be safe. The box you are holding has all the relevant paperwork and notes from him. When we had left India, he had told us not to open the contents unless something happened to him and his family.”

“And this box has the Sabre in it?” ASR prompted aloud wondering how a box of this size could hold a full-sized Sabre. Sasi nodded.

“Yes, the Sabre. But not in the traditional sense. It was a Sabre Tooth Tiger sculpture. Mahinder had made a note for me in the box and these were his words - A Sabre in spirit yet not quite.”

It began making sense to ASR. The Russian Jewish Mafia was after the Sabres. They chased after the twelve royal families that owned the Sabres except Khushi’s family had the sculpture and not an actual Sabre. She survived because they could not find the Sabre in her apartment or didn’t know where it was kept. 

Khushi was bequeathed a Sabre Tooth Tiger sculpture and not a Sabre! This was monumental; this had derailed the mafia and he knew, he could use the time to get to the bottom of the secret that the Sabres held. She would probably be safe until the mafia figured out that Khushi's family held a small sculpture and not a real Sabre.

“When Mahinder and family were murdered, I knew, it was a matter of time, before they got to us. I opened the box and found an SOS number inside the box and the sculpture. I was to call the SOS number in case something happened to Mahinder. I did and those people told us to hold on to the sculpture and helped us move to the U.S. And every few years, we kept moving, to escape detection and to distract anyone who might follow us. Suffice it to say, it was hard on Garima and the kids. I don’t know who those SOS guys are, but I know they were always helpful when we needed them, until now."

“Did they tell you why they could not help you anymore?”

“No, not really. The SOS contacts were quiet helpful until the attack on Khushi. I am not sure why they seem less than helpful now, Khushi’s identity is obviously out, and it’s a matter of time before they find the sculpture.”

“Who else knows about the sculpture? Where is the sculpture now?” ASR’s questions tumbled in quick succession, his excitement hardly under control.

“Garima, and the SOS contact. The sculpture is in the safe keep of the Field Museum of Chicago. I figured a museum would have the security and ability to guard it.”

ASR knew he had hit the jackpot. The museum curator, Joseph Isaacson was FBI’s art historian and could help decode any history related to the Sabre Tooth Tiger sculpture. He knew his next stop was Joseph Isaacson.
He had one final question for Dr.Gupta

“Does Khushi know about her parents?”


ASR’s heart exploded. He knew she was going to be devastated by the news. He decided he would tell her only if it was absolutely necessary.

“Dr. Gupta, you have my word that I will not let Khushi know about any of this, unless absolutely necessary.”

Sasi looked tired. He pulled ASR into a hug, seeking reassurance. ASR’s words meant a lot for the old man who had borne the secret for far too long. He could only rue the secrets of the royal family, secrets from his own children and wife, secrets that hollowed him inside and brought danger to his doorstep. He was finally liberated, finding a youthful compatriot in ASR who could carry the burden forward for him, and do the right thing by his daughter. He saw the softening in ASR’s eyes when he spoke of Khushi and Sasi knew, at last that his daughter would be safe with ASR.


Khushi stood rooted to her spot as she overheard the entirety of the conversation. Chameli was sitting comfortably coiled around her feet, waiting for her owner to make her move for a walk outside, in the snow. Chameli grew restless and nudged Khushi’s legs and then she dashed out of the back door. Khushi was unable to move, her legs were concrete refusing to listen as her mind instructed them to flee away from the secrets revealed behind the study door. She hated herself for eavesdropping on the conversation between her father and ASR.

Curiosity had gotten her to the study, but now, she just wanted to erase everything she’d heard, clean her slate and be whole again. Her eyes misted with tears and her ears rang with disbelief. The finale exposed the fears she had harbored as long as she could remember - the fear of being a pariah, a misfit, a stranger in her own house and the fears fell as realities on her like a ton of bricks. She was the bastard child of a royal, she was adopted, she was not her parent’s child, and she was a stranger among them. She wanted to disappear into thin air. She just wanted to run away.

She peeled her feet and dashed out of the rear door of the house. Chameli woofed playfully in the snow filled brick patio, chasing wild squirrels in the twilight. She barked, beckoning Khushi for a playful chase and dashed into the wooded back yard. Khushi ran, as fast her feet could take her following Chameli into the woods. The chilly wind hit her wet cheeks, but she was numb. She kept running, as FBI agents stationed on the edge of the property shouted and warned her to stop. She couldn’t hear anyone and Chameli led the way gleefully, deeper into the wooded forest preserve. FBI agents alerted ASR as he headed into his guest room.

Oh Shit! She must have heard everything.

He placed the box in his briefcase, locked it and kept it under the bed away from plain sight. Then he rushed downstairs.

“Which way did she go?” he asked an agent as he ran out of the house, into slushy snow gathered around the house. Agents who were searching the area with flashlights pointed in the direction Khushi had run.
“Khushi, come on, don’t do this again.” He pulled out his gun and ran into the woods.

Twigs, branches and dry brush crushed under his feet as he rushed deeper into the darkness.

He heard an animal yelp in pain.

“Chameli!” he figured and rushed in faster. Another painful squeal of the animal shattered the dull winter breeze. A loud cry followed, this time that of a woman.  It was Khushi.

“Khushi!” ASR shouted and frantically waved his flashlight in every direction to find her. He located her at the far end of the wood near a frozen creak. She was on her knees and leaning over something. She screamed again.

He ran to her and knelt beside her. He found Chameli in a pool of blood, its throat slit. The soft snow around the animal was spattered with blood. Khushi was shivering uncontrollably partly from the shock and partly from hypothermia.

“Its my fault, everything’s my fault!” she scooped the dogs body and held it close to her, bawling in pain. Blood covered her hair and face but she didn’t seem to care. As Chameli struggled to breath and wheezed in pain, Khushi went into spasms. The dog’s head rolled to its side, as it breathed its last.

“She’s gone, Chameli’s gone. Its my fault, its all my fault. Chameli’s gone!” she screamed. ASR felt her diaphragm paralyzing in fear and shock and he knew if she did not recover, she would fight for breath. He shook her wildly, and patted her cheeks, “Khushi, look at me. Control yourself.”

“She..she…she’s gone….its….my…..fault…” she wailed again.

Other agents rushed in with a blanket and covered Khushi. ASR helped her to her feet but her legs gave away. He lifted her and carried her to the house.  


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