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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chapter 16 - Hot air, cold draft

Dear Readers

I will be taking a few days off from updates owing to a personal emergency. No, no, not pulling a Sobti on you, i will not quit. Please continue reading and enjoying while I am away. I will be back as soon as I can, God Willing!
This chapter dedicated to my very own chamelis. i can't express in words what you guys mean to me. for all the love you've showered on me, unconditionally. you guys make me want to be a better version of myself.

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“Khushi….” He hesitated. He couldn't deny that his body had declared a bloody revolt against his rational mind. She was breathtakingly beautiful, perfection in every curve, smoothness that could tempt men of strongest will to sin. He wanted her more than anything. She had come to him willingly but he was afraid she was still under shock, leading her to this absurdity.

He gently held her arms, feeling her warm skin under his hands jump at his touch.

“Are you sure?” he labored to ask her. As for him, he was sure, he was more than sure and he could not think of anything more but take her in ways a man takes a woman, intimate, carnal and primal.He had to be sure she was ready for it because he could not bear to see any regret or even rejection in her eyes.

Khushi saw the trepidation contract ASR’s caramel pupils. She was never more determined or sure of what she wanted. She had given of her to everyone besides her - to her family, to her friends, to Shyam, to her work and never once paused to question what she had wanted. This was her assertion into a new territory where she had two simple objectives, revenge and self preservation.

She felt the heat from his body. She felt beautiful blanketed by the warmth of his glowing eyes and she felt, strangely, exposed and under scrutiny of his seering detective eyes. Her body was demanding his touch and her mind was for once in agreement with her body. This was not an act of a vulnerable woman seeking warmth of a man in time of her need. This was an act of a woman who knew more than ever what she wanted and she wanted him.

“I am sure, more than ever, Arnav. Love me tonite. I won’t hold it against you tomorrow.” She answered with unwavering and calm voice. “ I am not asking you for anything more. Just this one night, make me feel who I am. No promises, no strings attached.”

He watched her face carefully. There was no weakness or question in them. There was only a naked burning fire in them that wanted him. He shivered with anticipation. He had dreamt of this, had wanted it with her from the he had set his eyes on her. She was his redemption, his salvation from his hurt and here she was in his room, asking him to do what any man would be insane to refuse.

“I’m sorry Khushi. It just seems too soon. You…you need time to think through this.”

He bent down and lifted the blanket robe from the floor and handed it to her. She stood motionless watching his face. Was she wrong? Didn’t he feel attracted to her? Perhaps, he was right, perhaps it was too soon. The hot air vent suddenly shut down, bringing a back draft of cold air from the ceiling. She covered her chest as goose bumps formed on her forearms.She took the robe from him and lowered her head in disappointment.

He felt like a fool. She stood in front of him like a sex goddess, holding her robe close to her chest, wanting, desiring everything he had to offer to make her pain go away. An exquisite, exhilarating way to heal that he knew he could only enjoy with her ever in life, a gut instinct of an astute man who had found the love of his life once and was now offered a second coming. Yet, he was foolish enough to reject it, for what? For propriety? For duty? For whom?

“Fuck it! Come here!” he pulled her by her waist and bunched her hair in his right hand pulling her head back and forcing her lips to part. She closed her eyes in anticipation.

“I don’t know what I am doing, but I know it will be mind-fuckingly awesome.” With that he captured her mouth and shoved his tongue deep into her. She was waiting, expecting and even ready for him. She countered with her own tongue as the two mated in a frenzied dance. Her legs buckled but he adeptly held her by her waist, gently lifting her off the floor as she arched her back and felt his hardness on her pelvis. She moaned.

He let go of her mouth and greedily licked the length of her neck. A lick on one side followed by another slower and luxurious lick on the other.

“You have no idea how erotic your neck is Khushi. May I?” he nuzzled in the crook of her neck breathing hot and moist air on her skin. She wasn't sure what he was waiting for but whatever it was she wanted it.

“Do it.” She exhaled, clawing his hair for balance and support.

He wet a small part of the skin on the curve of her neck where her clavicle started by running his tongue in a circle. And then he sank his teeth, greedily, hungrily and crazily. Khushi gasped at the first flush of pain and she relaxed feeling his powerful mouth suckle and nibble the bite.

“Oh, that….that was…” She couldn't find the words as her mind shut down and her body felt weightless. He had flung her over his shoulder and carried her to the bed. He lowered her gently and lay her on the bed, treating her like a delicate work of art. She stretched her arms over her head and smiled.

“Aw, fuck! You’re gonna kill me Khushi.” He growled and untied his plaid Pajama.

Khushi’s heart began erratic thumps as she watched him undo his bottom. Her breath quickened as her inner thighs felt wet with desire, oozing her need in copious amounts. When his erection came in full sight, Khushi watched it with admiration.

“Ahem!” he cleared his throat with an amused look as he watched her assess him with her incredibly passionate grey green eyes. Her eyes were hooded and drugged, no doubt, but her approval of him was not missed on him.

He knelt beside her and watched her, starting from the top of her head to every inch following that, not failing to note every mole, dot, curve and plane.

God, she is exotic.

Her pink pert nipples stood up demanding his attention and scrunched with need. Her narrow waist with its artfully flared hips would put collective artists of Renaissance to shame. Her thighs were firm and lightly muscled, indicating a runner in her, and strangely he had never noticed. His heart jumped to his mouth when he noticed the small triangular gap that dotted the meeting spot of her thighs and pubic area. That was a sinful triangle and now he was going to claim it. He stroked her curls and moved slowly up in a sinuous pattern, feeling his own arousal jump. He languished around her breasts as she jerked with surprise.

“You are beautiful Khushi.” She shifted and turned to face him, bending her elbow to prop her head on her hand.

She stroked his chest and ran her fingers delicately on the taut skin over his abs, in a slow trace until she reached the point just above his private hair. She hovered there for a few seconds and smiled when his hardness jerked in response.

“And look who is talking.” She was sincere and he knew it. He hadn't been admired by a woman openly as Khushi did at this moment. Ever. And he liked it.

He stroked the rise of her hips, over her butt and down to her thighs, feeling the silky smoothness of her bare flesh. Her dark pubic curls were in bare contrast to her complexion, an exotic blend of Indian and german shade. Not quite tan yet not quite white. Sexy!

He lied down next to her, letting the length of his body caress hers. She felt the smattering of his fine chest hair on her smooth skin and in a strangely erotic way, his coarse hair down there on her thigh. He kissed her again and this time, she pushed her entire body against him, feeling his masculine and hard planes mold her to his shape. He circled her and pulled her to him, leaving nothing and no one between them.

They stroked, pressed and squeezed each other as they explored each other for the first time. He discovered that she screamed in ecstasy when he suckled on the curve of her neck, a treat for him just as much as a treat for her. She discovered that the sensitive skin right under his armpits was his erogenous zone. And when she momentary took him in her mouth, he had grunted like a rutting animal. She smiled at his vulnerability. ASR – for all she cared, he was her knight in shining armor, in its clich├ęd, boring and done to death iterations. He was beyond thinking at this point. He couldn’t wait.

“Game over, Khushi. “ he warned her and before she could react, he spread her legs and lifted her thighs on his forearm and entered her. She was wet, and heavenly.

She threw her head back and grabbed the iron rods of the head board of support. His largeness and swiftness both surprised her and drove her insane. He rested her legs on his shoulders and braced himself on either side of her finding his traction to drive her crazy.

“Is this good?” he asked her wanting to give her his best, make her feel loved, give her the carnal pleasures like she had never had with another man.

She bit her lips and squeezed shut her eyes. “More than good.”
He began slowly, lazily thrusting in and pulling out, and thrusting back in. She was pooling around his privates and the sheets. But she was beyond caring. Every thrust brought a fresh moan from her, giving him the signal that she was in it as much as he was. He ramped up his speed as her breasts bounced under his rhythmic ministrations.

And then without warning, he scooped her up and changed position. He set her on his lap as he sat up and gently lowered her to him. She held his shoulder and arched back as his renewed hardness stretched her beyond she ever thought she could.

“Ohhhh, Arnav, is this what they mean?”

He grinned with pride. She was enjoying him as much as he was enjoying her, and if this meant giving her a part of him, even if it was for just a night, it was all worth it.

He nuzzled between her breasts and cupped her bottom, rocking her to match his movements. The two moved their hips in tandem, reading each other’s cues like this was the most natural thing for them to do.

Yes, this is what they were made for, to love, to lust, to please, to explore, to be one with each other. She smiled as she felt the first spasms of her come.

“Bite me” she pleaded as she raised herself higher and thrust against him.

He was losing himself fast and nothing seemed coherent. He mumbled something as he suckled on her left breast. She dug her nails on his shoulder and began her frantic thrusts, urging him to keep up.

“Bite me” she repeated. This time he knew she was asking for it and he knew she was ready.

He left her breast and trailed back to bite on her neck, a hickey that was demanding round two. He clamped on it again and delivered a gentler bite. She screamed with abandon as the combination of his bite, his harder thrusts and her cravings came to fruition. She buckled and bumped against him, feeling the ebb and flow of sensations starting from her center, spreading outwards and tingling every extremity of her body. She squealed as she crested once more this time stronger than the last, and he smiled as he felt her contract and spasm around him.

“Come baby, come hard for me.” He prompted her as she screamed again for another bout of frantic orgasm.
"Aaah!" she exhaled, and panted heavily, while resting her forehead on his shoulder. Beads of sweat flowed down her back as he stroked her lightly. Then she laughed at the madness. He pulled her closer and whispered against her body.

“My turn.”

He laid her on the bed once more and entered her. Her insides were still sensitive and burning with need only he could satisfy No words were spoken as he began with renewed energy, feeling like a man on top of the world for getting the girl of his dreams. He kissed her and thrust his tongue in and out, matching the harmony of his thrusts in the nether regions. She circled her legs around his waist, pulling him into her further. It didn't take long and soon she was primed for another round of pleasure. A few more thrusts and the two crashed in yet another shattering round of peaks.

Soon the panting subsided, the breaths steadied and a peaceful calm descended their bodies. Neither knew where it would go from here, but where ever the roads went, they were grateful for the night together.


Christmas eve shone an unusually bright sun that morning. A loud knock woke him up. ASR sat up and shook Khushi frantically.

“Khushi, there's someone at the door. You need to hide.” He whispered as she stretched her lithe body barely awake or aware of the danger outside the door. She smiled at him, memory of their carnal night sending a delightful cheer in her and then she heard the knock.

“Oh shit, shit, shit! What time is it?” she got up and frantically looked for her robe.

“10 am!” he noted and realized the entire house must have missed both of them. She found her robe and grabbed it before rushing to the bathroom. Her shocked face was a sight to watch as she comically gestured to him that she will hide in the bathroom and put her finger to her lip in an exaggerated sign language to indicate that he should keep quiet about her whereabouts. He nodded and rolled his eyes at her dramatics. He waved her in as he pulled on his PJs and headed to open the door.

He readjusted his expression to look sleepy. He opened the door with a smile, which died the instant he found Shyam staring back at him.

Shyam didn't waste a second and pushed himself through the narrow crack in the door. ASR tried to hold him back but the man had obviously been more resolute than ASR who was caught off guard.

“Where is she?” Shyam asked walking into the room. A rush of panic rose and ebbed in ASR and his quick instincts told him to react fast

“Where is who?” he asked standing akimbo.

“Don’t act the fool with me, Agent Raizada. I will have your badge off and send you to streets if I find out you've been fucking around with your precious charge. A misappropriation, I’d think.” Shyam’s eyes spoke volumes with hatred and venom squirting out of every nasty pore of his tasteless face.

ASR rushed forward and caught the man by his throat. Shyam coughed as he tried to find his foothold.

“Don’t you threaten me, you rotten son of a bitch. I know you are hiding something and when I find out, you will be sorry you ever met me.” He squeezed a little harder drawing the last of air from Shyam's throat. His eyes bulged as his hands clawed at ASR’s for release. ASR let him go.

Shyam lost his balance and bent over holding his throat. He coughed as he filled his lungs with air. He pointed his finger at ASR and with his fingers popped an imaginary gun. ASR knew what it meant but he couldn't care. The man was a retch and the sooner he got out of the equation the faster ASR could go about solving the case and making Khushi his.

Shyam left the room and ASR locked it after him. He turned around and saw Khushi gingerly walk out of the bathroom. She looked both petrified and amused at once.

“What did he want?” she asked softly.

He was mad as hell. He folded his arms across his chest and narrowed his eyes at her.

“You tell me, Khushi. What does he want?” he asked with a note of irritation.

Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. She knew it was a matter of time before Shyam and her truth would be revealed to the world. ASR had a right to know, especially after last night.

Last night? She felt a flutter of excitement at the thought of last night but she dismissed it with her convoluted reasoning. It was a onetime thing. It does not mean anything to him or to me. Don’t make it bigger than it is.

“Well? I am waiting.” He asked again, standing his ground with every intention of getting to the bottom of this puzzle. What was Shyam’s hold on Khushi? He had a right to know, especially after last night.

Last night? You know it probably meant nothing for her. She was hurt, and needed someone to take that hurt away. Not ever, not again, he reminded himself.


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