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Friday, October 5, 2012

Chapter 2 - Aurora Borealis

Khushi struggled to open her eyes. Her left eye was closed shut and her limbs felt leaden. She strained to turn her neck and locate her whereabouts. The room was familiar.

Gitu burst into the room, filling the small space with her exuberance and almost gobbling it with her presence.
“Khushiiiii” she shrieked and landed a plump kiss on her forehead. “I was so freaking afraid. They called me home and…Oh my god, your face looks awful! We need to fix that, uh hunh!”

“Thanks for the compliment, considering I was nearly killed.” Khushi’s dry voice was sardonic.
“I’ve called your parents, and they should be here by the evening. Are you comfortable, can I get you something to drink?”

Khushi shook her head as she watched her best friend busy herself reading Khushi’s charts and monitors in the tiny E.R room. Gitu was a charming fellow doctor in the E.R., her best friend from their years in college together. While Khushi was feisty and excitable, Gitu was known for her random sense of humor. The floor knew they were inseparable and Dr. Jha left no stone unturned in assigning them duties in different time slots. Bastard! How in the world did I get engaged to him?

“Are you lucky to be alive!” Gitu put the charts away and sat on the rolling stool next to Khushi’s bed. “So tell me, did you win any new enemies lately, what is this about?” she asked, her curious black eyes trained on Khushi. 

“Damned if I know. I was returning after the graveyard and found a strange man in my apartment attacking me out of the blue.” Khushi grimaced at the pain in her legs, where her attacker had pulled her down.
“Hm” Gitu knitted her brows and pursed her lips. “Well, I am glad you are safe. By the way, any idea why FBI has decided to get involved with this?” she asked

“FBI!”Khushi screamed. 

“Shhh, calm down. FBI agents were crawling all over your house when they wheeled you out of the apartment. Good thing the custodian came to check over when he heard your scuffle with the intruder. You were knocked out completely.” Gitu paced the room, recalling the sights that had greeted her when she arrived at the apartment following the custodian’s call. 

“What about the man?”
Gitu was silent.
“He’s dead, isn’t he?” Khushi’s eyes misted and she rolled her head away unable to face her friend. Gitu pressed Khushi’s palms and continued, “Not your fault babes. They are calling it self-defense, it’s not punishable.”

“But he is dead.”

A soft knock on the door, caught the duo’s attention. Nurse Karen was there to administer Khushi’s tetanus booster and draw blood for a few more tests.
“I’m fine Karen, why the fuss?”
“Dr. Jha has the entire floor on their toes. Let me do my job Dr. Gupta, or you know how he gets.”
Khushi winced and Gitu rolled her eyes. After Karen left, Gitu whispered into Khushi’s ears.
“I have a suggestion, next time don’t waste your lifetime chance for murder. The overbearing prick of your fiancé!” She straightened and looked satisfied with her suggestion.

Khushi whimpered, “Stop it Gitu! Ahhh! It hurts my ribs Gitu, but thanks for the laugh.”
Another knock had the girls turn their head to the door. The Greek Gods had descended into Khushi’s room. 

Khushi had read of Greek Gods, seen artist rendition but this was real. I must be hallucinating. What did Karen put in that IV? 

Two men, presumably FBI, stood by the door waiting for her permission to enter the room. The taller of the two donned a 5 O’clock shadow that was very becoming and framed his firm jaws in sharp contrast to his light brown eyes. His black T-shirt hugged a tall, broad frame, easy on the eyes and leaving very little of his muscled torso to imagination. Khushi’s felt a surge of strength in her. Like the northern lights that change colors frequently.  A stray though crossed her mind. My Aurora Borealis

Gitu let out a soft whistle breaking Khushi's reverie. Khushi scoured her with a deadly look bringing her back to her best behavior.
“Come in.” Gitu answered for Khushi. 

“Dr. Gupta, I am Agent Arnav Singh Raizada, ASR, from the FBI and this is my partner, Neil Kavanaugh, NK. If you don’t mind, we’d like to ask you some questions.” Gitu sighed and involuntarily extended her hands.

“Hi!” she breathed out, her chest heaving in anticipation. “I’m her friend, Gitu. I’d be happy to answer any questions.” 

ASR turned to look at the girl quizzically but quickly shifted his attention to the pair of beautiful green-grey eyes staring back at him from the hospital bed. Her face was badly bruised but he did not miss the outline of a beautiful and delectable jaw line set over swan neck column inviting a luscious bite. He kicked himself for his stray thoughts and cleared his throat. 

“Hi!” NK cut ASR and jumped forward taking Gitu’s hands and shook it vigorously bringing her attention back to the room. The deep cleft on the man’s chin seemed to mock her temporary digression and she decided to dislike NK immediately. 

“Dr. Gupta, do you think you can answer a few questions?” ASR repeated.
“Yes, Officer, anything I can do to help.” Khushi pressed the button on the hospital bed remote to raise the backrest.
“Do you by any chance know this man?” ASR pulled out a picture from his pocket and handed it to her. She glanced at the picture and shook her head.
“Can you tell me more about what happened last night?” 

Khushi narrated the incident and all the preceding activities of the day. She realized her account of the daily activities must sound so mundane and boring to the agent. If it did, he did not show it. She had this sudden urge to embellish her life to make it more interesting to this man. She noticed his brown eyes and lost her train of thoughts. 

“And what did you do after you left the hospital?” ASR repeated the question. He paused to look at the face of the battered doctor. Her green –grey eyes were incredibly deep and unusual for a girl of Indian origin and somewhere behind those black and blue bruises and swollen wounds he could sense there was a beautiful face lurking. Khushi, flicked her tongue over her lips and immediately cringed at her sexual gesture. 

Shit! First, I kill a man and now I can’t stop lusting after another. 

ASR pulled another picture from a file folder and showed it to Khushi. He sat next to her on the small stool and she could smell his wafting aftershave. Stop, Khushi, Stop!
“Have you seen this insignia before?”
The black and white picture was some sort of gang insignia that Khushi did not recognize. She shook her head and asked, “What is it? Is it gang related?”
“No” ASR shoved the picture back into the file folder. “It’s the mafia. The Russian mafia to be exact.”

Color drained from Khushi’s face while Gitu gasped in horror. 


Shyam burst into the room with his usual royal appearance. 

“Who gave you permission to enter the patient’s room?” he inquired at the two agents. ASR watched the bespectacled male doctor and made a mental note to hate him for the rest of his life. 

The man was not ugly looking, no, he was decent looking but there was something nasty about his body language that was a turn off. Was it his overconfident gait, a faux authority that hid deep insecurities or genuine comfort in his settings? ASR couldn’t tell but whatever it was he did not like the man. Imperceptible to others, ASR also noticed the flinch on the girl’s face when the man entered the room. 

“Shyam, please. I agreed to talk to them.” Khushi sounded exasperated and tired. She was not in any mood to placate the inflated ego of her fiancé.
“I forbid you to talk to anyone without lawyers. This is not done.” Shyam took a step forward to face up to ASR. The men were about the same height and build. While Shyam was of chunkier build, ASR’s streamlined profile oozed the menace of a predator. Jaguar, noted Khushi despite her growing annoyance at Shyam’s interference. 

The men’s eyes collided and warred. Both stood their grounds, their bodies projecting a cold defiance and perhaps, even derision they felt for each other. The room went quiet and no one moved as the tension between then thickened. ASR’s cools exterior shielded a rising need in him to grab the doctor’s neck and wring it off his body. Finally Shyam blinked and looked away. 

“Juvenile!” Gitu muttered under her breath and noticed NK amused at the happening. She frowned at him, her dislike for the clueless lackey increasing by the second. Then he smiled back and his dimpled chin disarmed her. She smiled back, this time it was genuine.

“Come on ASR, It doesn’t look like the time is right to talk to Dr. Gutpa, we can come back at a better time.” NK gently nudged ASR to avoid a showdown. 

ASR’s temper was legendary. Nothing and no one came between him and his mission. ASR’s mission, thought NK, had preoccupied every waking hour of the man’s life for the past 2 years. Old wounds that took time to heal were refreshed with this latest bout of attacks. NK had asked ASR whether he felt ready to handle the Russians again. ASR had dismissed his concerns as irrelevant and inconsequential compared to his need to wipe the particular mafia from its roots. ASR’s hatred was personal, so personal, NK was afraid this case would destroy the man. NK had requested to be his partner again, because he was the perfect foil for his friend, assuaging many trigger situations with his sense of humor and deceptively clueless looks that hid a seriously intelligent brain. 

ASR peeked at Khushi over Shyam’s shoulder and noted, “Dr. Gupta, I’ll be back at a better time.”
I’d hope so, caramel eyes. Shit! She pinched herself.
Gitu noted the glassy eyed Khushi and knew her friend was giving in to the sedation in her IV. ASR left the room with NK. 

“I will see to it there is no next time. Khushi, what were you thinking talking to them without a lawyer?” he shouted at her, his face contorted in disbelief at his fiance’s naiveté. 

“I am sore and my left eye is swollen shut, I may have a few broken ribs but I think I am doing fine, thanks for asking…Shyam.” She bit out in anger and looked away from him. Gitu suppressed a giggle and waited to see his reaction.

Shyam was obviously caught off guard and apologized to Khushi. Realizing he was not winning any more brownie points with her, he excused himself and left the room. 

“Good riddance!” Gitu scrunched her face. Then she forgot all about Shyam and clasped her hands in excitement as sat on the chair next to the bed.”And man! Were those guys hot!”
Khushi couldn’t resist smiling as she dozed off.

ASR, rock, pillar, foundation, strength….what is he? The Trump Tower? Hmm…he is a work of art, he is....Aurora Borealis. 
Then she remembered the dead man. Her spirits flagged before she fell fast asleep. 


“Listen Bro! What just happened in there? Ya gotta learn to hold your horses, Ok?” NK walked fast to keep up with ASR who was used to doubling up on speed. Physically fit and in charge. 

“Nothing happened in here. That asshole showed up at the wrong time. The girl was ready to spill.” He spoke firmly; putting is shades on as they exited the building. The snow had stopped outside and bright sunlight reflected off the bright layers gathered in heaps on the sidewalk. City trucks were salting the roads and plowing the last remnants of it. 

A cop car siren rang in a distance, while traffic was slow on this Sunday morning. ASR got into the black BMW assigned to him and his partner and noted with irritation the pink ticket stub stuck under the windshield wiper. 

“Fuck the City police!”
“Well rules are rules, even if it is the mighty ASR” NK smirked as he belted himself. “K, so I have to get this off my chest. What were you thinking butting heads with that doctor?”
“Really? And why this sudden anger for a man you’ve never met before. It’s not like we don’t see assholes every day?” NK prodded.
“Look, I said its nothing.” ASR pushed the pedal and the car zoomed out of the parking space. 

“And what were those looks you were exchanging with that green eyed monster?” NK asked facing ASR and waving his hands in air.
ASR slammed on the brakes, throwing NK out of balance.
“If you don’t shut up right now, you can walk rest of the way to office.”

NK raised his hands in surrender and they rode back to the office in silence. ASR could not forget the green-grey eyes that searched his for answers when he peppered her with questions Those eyes were unforgettable and that neck beckoned his primal instincts to action. 
Just fucking stop! You can’t do this to yourself, not again, not ever.


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