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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chapter 7 - Soft spot

Khushi was exhausted. She had lost her appetite for dinner. While ASR was in the shower, she decided to take a quick nap to clear mind. She wanted to discuss the Sabres, although the conversation always dead-ended the last time they had tried. She headed to the bedroom and threw herself on the bouncy mattress. She was out once again.

ASR was pleasantly surprised at the strawberry odor of her body wash in the bathroom. A strong urge stirred inside him, to be held in soft feminine arms, and to be comforted. He knew those luxuries did not belong to him, he was a man on a mission and all distractions had to be kept at bay. He got in the shower and began recounting the day, hoping to discover any clues as to how those men figured out their route.

It had to be some mole inside the bureau.

The ghastly conclusion reminded him of just how dangerous organized crime was. Their moles operated in every layer of public institutions. Sabres either meant drug money or someone’s reputation was at stake. Money and honor were almost the two most compelling reasons mafia killed.

Which one is it this time? 

He stepped out of the shower and toweled himself. He tied his towel around his waist and exited the bathroom. A gust of steam rushed out and cleared into the corridor. Khushi was heading to her bedroom when she was him in hallway. She stopped.

ASR was a sight to behold. Her eyes roved over him involuntarily as she noted the ridged terrain of his muscular body. Her eyes scanned the eight-pack that ended on a very flat ab, with a trail of hair leading from his navel and disappearing into his towel. She licked her lips and realized she was ogling him shamelessly.
He watched her watch him in awe and relished every second of her admiring look. She had tied her hair up, revealing her long neck that was temptingly too close for comfort. He noted she was not wearing any bra, as her pert nipples pushed against the tight white t-shirt, demanding his attention.

If looks could kill….

“Do you want anything, Khushi?” he asked teasingly, knowing full well his double entendre would not be missed.

“Errr, no” she looked away, her cheeks turning beet red at being caught. She hurried past him and got into her room. She turned and looked him in the eye. 

Oh those caramel eyes, she noted before bidding him good night. She shut the door and he heard her click it locked. He waited for a few seconds and realized it was foolish of him to get attracted to her this bad. It would not end well for either of us.


The winds gathered speed and howled at blizzard strength. The large expansive lake did nothing to block the northerly gusts. ASR tossed in his bed and looked out the window. The full moon cast somber lights on snow covered perennials. The wind was unrelenting, picking gobs of snow and settling them on the sills. He checked the clock. 3 am.

It was pitch dark outside. A branch crackled as it bowed under the weight of snow. His mind wandered to the girl sleeping in the next room. Khushi. A smile crossed his face. He wondered if she was able to sleep. He could check on her but it was inadvisable, since he could barely keep his thoughts decent in her presence.

A loud crashing in the living jolted him upright. 

He grabbed his gun and tiptoed out of his room. Khushi appeared out of her bedroom, looking petrified. He placed his finger on his lips and gestured her to stay quiet. She nodded.

He tiptoed out of the corridor, sporting his gun ahead of him, and engaging it to shoot. Khushi followed.
He gestured her to stand back as he turned around the corner. Khushi watched him disappear in to the living room. Something crashed to the ground once more and she heard him swear, “Fuck!”

A gun shot rang through the air. A few more objects crashed about followed by a guttural cry of pain.

“Arnaaaaaaaaav!” Khushi screamed and dashed into the living room.

ASR lay on the floor under a heap of sofa cushions. She rushed to his aid when she noticed a raccoon backed into a corner, looking for the nearest escape route. The creature looked angry and scared in equal measures and bared its teeth in defense. ASR tried to fight his way out of the cushions and distracted Khushi. The animal snarled and ran out of the pet exit door of the small dinette.

He got up and sneezed. “Shit! The pesky thing got in through the pet door.” He sneezed again. “Dust allergies”

She took a moment to take stock of the scene. ASR stood with disheveled hair, cushions all about him, a hole ran through the dry wall of the cabin and a raccoon just exited the room. She broke into peals of laughter and crashed to the floor clutching her stomach. Doubling over and trying hard to pull a straight face, she snorted a few more times.  

“Ok I admit, I look stupid. “ He said with irritation and began placing the cushions back on the sofa.
“Yeah, you sure do! I got myself an FBI agent to protect me from a raccoon. The poor animal probably came looking for food. By the way, you look more scared than him.” She giggled and got up to help him. “Thanks for saving me. I wonder how well you will fare, when the real goons attack.” she chuckled.

Khushi didn’t know what hit her next. He pulled her with brute force landing her squarely on his solid mass. She lost her balance and was adeptly caught in a vice between his arms. She braced against his massive shoulders for balance. She felt herself crushed and unable to breathe.

“Don’t you ever say that.” He spoke through gritted teeth. The ferocity of his emotions scared her. Her eyes widened in surprise and she tried to wring herself free.

“Don’t” he commanded sternly. When she shot him a look she detected a sudden softening beneath those incredible caramel eyes.

“I…I was only kidding.” She tried to look away, half afraid of him and half afraid of her own emotions that were ready to betray her.

“I promised to protect you” he leaned forward, hovering tantalizingly over her right ear. His warm breath spread like wildfire through her. “And I will, till the last breath of my life.” He continued to whisper puffing hot and moist breath into her ear. His stubbles scraped her cheek, leaving a sensual trail of aftershave near her nose. She inhaled it in deeply and at that very instant, she knew she had betrayed herself.  

He tightened his grip on her waist, and placed a warm kiss on her throat, taking a moist mouthful of her flesh and feeling its silken texture under his tongue.

Oh!. Khushi let out an involuntary moan, feeling his tongue on the soft and sensitive flesh on the curve of her neck, as he deepened his kiss, a sensuous, moist and delightfully painful torture. She smelled of strawberries and every bit as tasty as he had imagined. He wanted to taste her, all of her.

Geez, I want her so bad it hurts.

“Khushi” he whispered as he laid feathery kisses down the long column of her neck. Her skin felt soft, and inviting. He wanted her, there was no doubt in his mind and he found no reason to stop himself. He pushed aside the neck of her T-shirt, revealing more of her creamy shoulder. He gently sank his teeth and took another mouthful of her.

She was surprised. He didn’t kiss her on her lips, instead he ravished her neck. It probably meant nothing, but a kiss would have been wonderful. The nibbles got her goose pimpled when suddenly the door from the dinette swung open letting in a cold gust of air.

The cold air brought in flurry of snow. ASR let go of her and took a step back. She was too stunned to move and her eyes pierced him with million questions. He hesitated to look her in the eye and walked away. He banged the door shut and dead bolted it.

“Damn! Let me check the other doors and windows.” He turned and found that she was gone.
“That’s a relief” he muttered, not wanting to face her after the brief stunt he pulled on her. He checked the doors and windows before deciding to check the windows in her room. Her door was ajar.

He pushed the door open softly. She was in bed, under layers of cover and blankets. He walked in softly and checked her windows. They were secure.

He watched her for a brief moment. Her gently rising and falling torso told him she was fast asleep. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to sleep after that taste of her. Nope, he didn’t think he would sleep at all for as long as she was with him. He was mad at himself for loading the girl with more than what she could handle. Her life was in danger and the last thing she needed was added complication of him slobbering all over her. He had to stop the train wreck and take control of his senses. He left the room.

Khushi exhaled as she heard him shut the door after him.
Oh dear god, I am dead, I am so dead. What in the world was that all about?

She shivered with excitement at the thought of his unconventional choice of a neck kiss. 

Hmmm, strange choice of location…but then again I like quirky, kinky even.

She pulled the covers closer to her body. She didn’t know if she could sleep after that encounter that left her feeling, alive. She touched the part of her skin where ASR had nibbled her. It felt raw and tingly.

Stop acting like a teenager, Khushi. It means nothing.

It was a delightfully welcome feeling she could never have with Shyam because of the dark secret she shared with him. Shyam, the conniving deceitful bastard had had her wrapped around his pinky from day one, unknown to her. And when the iron was hot, he struck leaving her with no choice but to agree to his terms, including a farce of an engagement. 


“Garima, I am worried about Khushi.” Sasi held Garima as the two spent another sleepless night.
“What do they want from her?” she asked impatiently.

“I am not sure. Whatever it is, it has to do with those dratted Sabres. I knew those were cursed and we should have never taken responsibility for them.” He said with irritation.

“Did we have a choice?” she retorted.
“Not really. Maharaja Ratan Singh Chauhan was like a god to my dad. No, we could not refuse. But I am afraid we will lose our child forever. I dread the day she finds out about the truth.” He pulled Garima closer for comfort.

“Shhh. Let’s hope for the best. We can’t hide the truth from her forever. But let’s hope it never comes to that.” she answered reassuringly.
“Molly and Payal are harsh on Khushi. They need to understand how unfortunate the kid is. They need to give her their best and know that they owe their comfortable lives to her on so many levels.” Sasi ruminated.

“We can’t expect the girls to understand. They are too young and they envy Khushi. If we tell them the truth, they’d only hate her more.” She got up and draped her robe around her.

“I’m making some tea, would you like some?” she turned to exit the room and stopped at the door. She turned back and her heart broke at the worried look of her husband. She knew the truth was gnawing inside him.

“Is the Sabre safe?” she asked tentatively, unsure if she wanted to know anymore than was necessary.
“Yes, it is as safe as can be expected, I think.” Sasi shot a weak smile. He decided it was time to find out.


The ringing phone roused Joseph Isaacson from his sleep. There was nothing he hated more than being awoken from his precious sleep. His relentless pursuit of perfection while running The Field Museum of Chicago, kept him on his toes. He did not take kindly to late night disruptions to his sleep and grumbled as he reached over his wife to grab the phone.

“Hello” he answered grumpily, “there better be for a good reason for this call.” He added.
 “Dr, Isaacson. Sorry to disturb you at this hour but it is kind of an emergency.” Sasi replied grimly. Isaacson got up in a hurry, irritating his sleeping wife in the process.
“I understand. What can I do for you?”
“I….I wanted to make sure the Sabre is safe.”
“Dr. Gupta, the Sabre is safe. In fact, since it does not quite fit the definition of a Sabre, it raises no suspicion. But I do have some bad news….”Isaacson’s voice trailed.

Sasi was too scared to ask and waited for the curator to continue.

“Our art historian was doing some digging around the Sabres. He found the eleven others located in different parts of the world. We sent our historians over to locate the Sabres and every single one of them is missing and their owners are either dead or missing as well. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Great Britain, Greece, Monaco, Spain, Holland, Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan, all of them are missing.”
Sasi held his breath and gripped the phone in a death hold. He knew what Isaacson was about to say next.
“And I believe India is next.  They are looking for it. I think if things get worse, I might have to reach the authorities, despite your objections Dr. Gupta. I can’t risk the security of the museum.”

Sasi’s hands grew cold and he almost dropped his phone in horror. He knew the dangers his family faced. He could not let that happen.



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