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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chapter 4 - Loss of a Dream

Her eyes widened in surprise. At first it was just two pairs of lips pressing against each other, but as the moments ticked by, the sounds of holiday cheer, ringing Santa’s and flurries of snow faded in the background. His hot breath laced with mild aftershave warmed Khushi from her toes to her ears. She held his arms for support, feeling his bulk pressing on her and shielding her. She felt safe and connected.

Her lips felt incredibly soft. His hands shot up and circled gently around her neck, taking care not to tear the turtleneck, beating a mounting need in him to devour that neck of hers. He had the need to taste her and he flicked his tongue over her lower lip. She closed her eyes and parted hers. Without hesitation his tongue began its invasion when he moaned an involuntary satisfaction. His grunt of approval had her flutter hey eyes open. He realized his mistake and immediately withdrew, leaving her winded and off balance.

“We need to get out of here.” He pulled back wiping her gloss off his lips. Strawberries! She didn’t know what to think so she followed instructions. ASR took on the mantle of dispassionate professional once more, leaving her feeling betrayed to a certain degree. She reasoned he had to do this to save her and not because he felt anything for her. She couldn’t say the same about her.

(play music for the mood)
“The coast seems clear.” He tugged at her hands again. She grabbed her coat and hat, now covered in slushy mud and melting snow, and followed him. They were zipping through the crowd as fast as they could. ASR kept his vigil by scanning the area and making sure they took enough cuts across streets to spot any tailing. Once he thought they were clear, he rushed towards the enclosed parking garage where he had parked his car.
“Where are we going?” she asked. He did not answer.

As they neared the parking structure, ASR hit the stairs and lunged forward two at a time. Not to be left behind, Khushi kept up with him, winning easy admiration from him.

“You didn’t answer me. Where are we going?” she asked again, as they exited stairwell on the third floor. He clicked the remote on his car keys and the car reacted with two flashes of its tail lights. He did not let up the pace as they neared the car. He opened the door for her.

Khushi was behind him, breathless and panting. She had just about had enough excitement for the day.
“I am not getting into the car until you tell me where we are going.” She stood akimbo, straining heavily to catch her breath. A minor frustration rose inside him but subsided with equal speed when he noticed her red as a reindeer nose.

“I didn’t know Rudolph was a Chicago native.” He smirked and motioned her to sit inside the car.
“What! What did you say? No! I am not sitting in that car until I get some answers. Why is the mafia chasing me? Why am I being followed? Why is the FBI on this case? I need some answers dammit! And no, I am not getting in that car without getting my questions answered.” She crossed her arms across her chest looking every bit a stubborn kid.

ASR ran his hands through his hair and exhaled.

“Look, I am not about to tell you how life began on earth, right here in this fucking freezing parking garage. So, get in the car and we can talk on our way to your place?”

She didn’t say another word and got in the car. He had after all saved her life not a few minutes ago and she owed him some gratitude. But I don’t have to be polite. She gruffly pulled the door shurt before he could close it for her. He smiled to himself. Fiesty!  

As he pulled out of the parking structure he eyed her from the corner of his eyes. She sat sulking and looking straight ahead, taking extra pains to avoid him. He flicked the Bluetooth button in his car and commanded, “Call Kevin Calhoun”. The phone rang twice before Kevin picked the call.

“Hi maverick! Where the hell are you? Why, we sent you to talk to the cutie patootie and you disappeared on us. Did ya really like that ass so much?” Khushi’s eyes widened at the obvious reference to her in sexually loaded words. She shot him a fatal look and, as he thought he heard, audibly ground her teeth in anger.
“Kevin, Kevin, just shut up. I have Dr. Gupta with me in the car.”
“Uh Oh.”
“Yeah, so here’s the deal. We were followed by two guys with guns and I think they might be on our trail.”

“I want you to accompany Dr. Gupta and come right away to the office. We will need to take care of this.” Kevin’s voice rose in alarm. Khushi did not fail to notice the panic in the man’s voice. Her own fears resurfaced as she searched ASR’s eyes for quick answers. He tried hard to be unobtrusive because he knew Kevin meant one and only one thing – Protective Custody. He did not want to alarm Khushi.

“Will do boss.”
“Come straight to the barracks. We need to sort this out.” Kevin’s directions were clear. He hung up the phone and called NK.

“Whoa Bro! I’ve been looking for you all morning. A bit unfair you get the pie don’t you think?” Khushi was beginning to hate their shop talk, which seemed to reduce her to nothing more than a piece of meat.
“Yeah, I am driving Dr. Gupta to her apartment. Listen, I need surveillance till we finish there. Can you arrange that?”

“I’ll be on it.” ASR hung up and turned to Khushi who was seething with anger. Her grey-green eyes glowed and suddenly, he felt an intense desire to protect her well inside him.
“You are not safe in your apartment, Khushi. We need to find you a safer place.”
“I can go to my parent’s house.” She was shaking in her seat.
“No, you will be easily traced. I think it would be best for you to be under protection till things cool down a bit.”
“Look, I can’t just drop things and go. I have a life and a job to do.” She exulted like a miffed child. He was afraid she was going to prove difficult about the protective custody arrangements. No one liked it.

“Both of which will be in jeopardy, if you are not alive.” ASR said with irritation. She remained silent and looked out at the passing pedestrians. The city was beautiful. The Magnificent Mile was a sight to withhold during the holidays. Men, women, kids dressed in bright winter coats walked the streets with coffee cups and candy lollipops. Strollers, Segways and bikers weren’t dissuaded by the bone chilling winds of the city. She wished her life were normal.

“So it’s decided. You will gather your things from your apartment. Call your family, say bye to your friends if you have to, and then you stay in protection until we figure this one out.” The announcement brought a lump to her throat. Nothing about her was normal ever. And this just took away that one pleasure she had – working in the hospital.

“What if you guys never figure it out?” She asked blankly.

He could not answer that question. He was thankful to have reached her apartment, as he pulled the car into the underground parking garage. He noticed NK, who was already stationed with two men watching all the entrances and exits to the building. NK waved at them and offered to stay down on watch while ASR assisted her upstairs. The ride up the elevator was quiet and awkward. 

She remained silent and he was thankful for that. Once inside the apartment, she began packing her essentials animatedly. ASR paced around the place almost filling it with his enormous presence. He was edgier than usual and did not quite understand the extra protective instinct she brought in him. He peered out of the windows every so often to make sure they were safe. A frozen Lake Michigan let the howling winds cool over its surface and rock the 30th floor apartment gently. NK was rubbing his hands and pacing the curb.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. Why does everything have to go wrong with me? ASR walked in on her as she paced her room stuffing her suitcase.

“I know this drives you mad.” He tried to make small talk. She ignored him and went around him to the dining room. He followed her. She turned avoiding him when he lunged forward and held her by her shoulders.
“Let go of me.” She squirmed as anger and sadness welled inside her.

“I know you didn’t ask for this but your life is in danger, Khushi. Do you understand?”

She strained to hold her tears back but they spilled anyway. He watched one drop flow down her flawless cheek. He wanted to lick it and then he cursed inside his head for weakening once more.

“You don’t give me any explanations. My life is in danger, I get it. But what’s with the urgency?” she pushed his arms away and sat down on the living room sofa, wiping her tears. He wanted to hold her but he knew he could not weaken, not this time, not again.

He sat across her and clasped his hands together searching for the right words to say to her. He looked out the large French windows and thought for a few seconds.

“The Russian mafia was a dormant force for many decades in Chicago, especially the Jewish wing.” He began, “But lately, their sleeper wings around the world seem to have turned active. Five high profile murders of some very prominent men around the world is attributed to them, reliable sources from Interpol clarify that.”

He sat back on the sofa, and began relaxing a bit. She sniffled and listened carefully.

“We don’t know what connects these murders. The killed men don’t have any past criminal records or connection to the mafia. In each case, the murder happened in their homes and we believe the mafia committed those because of the modus operandi.”

Khushi was trembling with horror. “I am in big trouble, ain’t I?” she asked flatly.

“Do you by any chance own a Sabre?” He rose from the sofa and gazed out the window, ensuring NK was still on the watch.

“No, why do you ask?”

He turned to face her. His heart sank at what he saw was a vulnerable and incredibly beautiful girl thrown into the midst of heinous criminals. What could they want from her? He licked his lip at the memory of the brief kiss. 

Stop, stop, stop! You can't do this to yourself, not again, not ever! 

“We know these murders were premeditated, and, we know only one thing that’s common among these murders. Each had a Sabre stolen from their estates. The Sabre have really no value in the antique market and don’t seem to be historically significant. So the big question is why those Sabre are important to these criminals. What do they want, what is their motive?  We know the mafia is after something powerful and perhaps even devastating. But we don’t know what that is.” He sounded exasperated and angry.

“Do you think its drugs?”

“It’s possible, they do dabble in cartels but I don’t think its limited to drugs. What is the connection with those Sabres?”

She didn’t know what to say. Her head pounded with a sense of loss and she felt weak all over. She needed a glass of water and headed to the kitchen. They both heard the front door lock click.

Both of them froze. He gestured her to stay quiet and hide behind the kitchen counter. He pulled his gun out of the holster and tiptoed over the nearest wall that hid him from the front door.

The door opened slowly. A shadow lengthened by the lights outside entered the hallway of the apartment. ASR held his breath waiting for further movement. The figure walked softly into the dining room about to enter the adjoining kitchen. Khushi was crouched on the floor, her entire body shaking with fear. ASR, walked quietly out of the shadows and stood directly behind the figure. He cocked the gun and pointed it to the back of the intruder’s head.

“Freeze!” he commanded.


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      “It is as we had discussed, Your Highness. Eleven Sabres. The twelfth one was to be borne in simplicity. A sabre in spirit yet not quiet.”He signaled and a significantly smaller tray was brought in by another servant. He took a covered box and raised it to the gathering.
      “This brings unity and holds it together. Without it, the Sabres are meaningless. Without Sabres this is meaningless. Together, they hold your power.” He raised the box and walked around the table to bestow it upon a man sitting under the dark shadows of torn draperies in the far corner of the room.
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