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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chapter 10 - Old habits die hard

Khushi jumped off the sofa. He pulled her back with equal force, landing her on him. She could feel every inch of the solid mass of his body against her.  She was suddenly conscious of the thin T-shirt and Capris she was wearing. She held her breath as his eyes scanned her face with a deep fire burning behind their caramel tones. He could not stop admiring the smooth flow of her skin and wanted to lose himself in the grey-greens depths of her limpid eyes. Moment ticked by and she lay still on him, watching him. Her lips trembled and he knew he had to taste them. He cupped the back of her head and pulled her face down to recapture her mouth.

His lips were soft and firm. She relished his feel on her mouth as their lips mated in a slow hunger. He shifted positions, swiftly winging her down to the floor and sprawling himself on top of her. She squealed in surprise but her sounds were muffled by his insistent lips. His massive weight pressed her down while every fiber of her body screamed for his attention, his touch, his caresses. She was drowning and fast.

A flash of panic coursed through her.This is going too fast, too soon.  

In a short span of time, she had let her defenses down and let this man overwhelm her senses. But questions and probity simply shut down when he dipped and swirled his tongue in the little well at the base of her throat, tracing it up to meet her lower lip, setting her on fire. She closed her eyes and obliged by parting her lips as his fingers caressed her neck in lazy strokes. She arched her back, and pressed against him, realizing with a pleasant shudder that he had a hard on for her. She whimpered in anticipation.

He dove deeper into the kiss. His hardness bore into her lower belly, probing, seeking and demanding its rightful place. His tongue began its fresh exploration into her mouth and she couldn’t resist raking her fingers through his thick dark hair. He released her from the kiss, leaving her gasping for breath. He turned his attention, setting a greedy trail of kisses over her jaws, ears and chin, finally to what he most wanted – the curve of her neck.

“Ow!” she yelped as he nuzzled and bit into the strawberry heavens of her neck. 

She stretched her neck to allow him more access and he did not hesitate. He licked, bit, nibbled, smelled the entire expanse, from base of her throat to the back of her ears, firing her skin with his raspy tongue. She shifted her head for more and he understood she wanted him to continue to explore. A small beating pulse near the base excited him to the point of bursting with need. He flicked the pulse with his tongue and blew a puff of air on it. She moaned and clutched his hair. She could not take the torture, she wanted him too bad. It hurts, she thought.

 “Arnav, please.” She pleaded.

He paused. He searched her eyes but they had rolled back into their orbits. He knew she was ready and he found no reason to stop himself, professionalism be damned! He cupped her face and claimed her mouth once again and he shoved his hands up her T-shirt. He let out a satisfied grunt when he discovered she had no bra.

I like that.

She moaned and thrust her perky breasts up, wanting, longing and feeling the touch of his rough hands. ASR was sinking fast in the heady aroma of her body. Her scents, her warmth and her softness pulled him faster than he had imagined. This was surreal and it was a dream. He thrust his tongue deeper into her mouth bringing out another moan from her. He pulled off her T-shirt and sank his nose into the valley of her chest. He showered kisses on her mounds as he held them caressed them in his hands.

“Oh, Lana, I missed you so much.”  He exhaled nestling his head on her chest.
Khushi crashed back to reality with a thud.  She opened her eyes and stopped her renegade fingers that were enjoying the feel of his head of thick hair.

Shit, shit, shit! You moron, you just called her Lana!

He paused and loomed over her for a brief second. It was going to be impossible to face her now. So he got up and extended his arm for her to help her to her feet. She picked her T-shirt and got up, refusing to take his help. She slipped her T-shirt on while he looked away.

He turned to her with an apologetic look, “Look, Khushi I am so sorry, I…I don’t know what got into me.”
Khushi raised her palm to stop him. “I guess we got carried away. Let’s just pretend it never happened.” She pulled the edge of her T-shirt down, hoping to salvage some of her remaining dignity and left the room. She could not face him and she better wear her bra next time.

Shit! No, I can’t pretend it didn’t happen and I am so sorry, Khushi. It was stupid and insensitive of me. He fisted his palms in utter fury at himself of calling her Lana

He needed a drink really bad. If he continued this charade and pretense he would destroy everything - for him and for her. It was time Khushi knew about Lana and why he was forever damaged. Perhaps, she would take the initiative to put a stop to their budding feelings for each other, something he did not have the courage or the will to do.


“Payal, Molly, come down for breakfast” Garima ordered the girls over the intercom.

Sasi was poring through the newspaper and sipping his cup of coffee. Sunday breakfast was a holy tradition at Gupta’s. Hot Aloo Parathas, sweet yogurt and waffles with maply syrup and eggs, a blend of their mixed cultures. Payal joined them in her indecently short shorts and sat on the chair criss-crossing her legs. Garima’s skin crawled at the show of flesh; the girl didn’t have an ounce of propriety in her. But she bit her tongue because she didn’t want to end the peaceful Sunday morning in another row. Molly walked in covered in ill fitting loose PJs, channeling the opposite end of the fashion spectrum.

Garima couldn’t resist a smile. Molly, her youngest, was a cuddly bear but with a growing attitude. She was easily influenced by Payal but thankfully had not taken after Payal in her dressing sensibilities. Molly was a bright kid but her occasional venom was usually reserved for Khushi but Garima felt there was still hope to salvage her relationship with Khushi. Garima wished Molly would see the inner beauty of her eldest before it was too late and she too was set in her ways like Payal.

“Mom, we should have our usual Christmas party, you know how much my friends enjoy coming over.” Molly requested, helping herself to a Paratha.
“We can’t Beta. Khushi will be here and her safety cannot be compromised.”
“It’s always about her, isn’t it” Payal chimed in, resting her hand on the edge of the table and leaning forward to make her point.
“She is your sister and she in trouble. I am worried about her and can’t host a party when my child is in trouble.”
“Sister? She doesn’t look like one, heck, she doesn’t even act like one. Ms. Ice Queen, I am so much better than you guys, I am so sweet and nice you can’t beat me. I am….”

“Enough!” Sasi barked at Payal, “You need to stop this rhetoric, Payal. She is family and the sooner you change your attitude the better for all of us. Do you understand?” he commanded sternly but she was not one to shrink back in fear. She knew her father had a temper that was rarely exercised and she found the perfect opportunity to rile him further.

“I understand perfectly, Dad! Don’t let me be the party pooper. And you can blame Khushi when this fucking security surveillance we have finds out your dirty little secrets.”
“Payal, that’s enough! Leave, now! ” Garima thundered and ordered the girl back to her room. She slumped next to a tired looking Sasi. “She’s impudent. Don’t take it to heart, darling. I will talk to her” she reassured her husband. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Molly had stopped chomping on her breakfast and watched the drama that had become a daily routine, ever since the security guys had shown up.

Payal ran upstairs to her room. She had other plans for her Ice Queen sister and she couldn’t wait to meet the bitch the next time. If and when Khushi chose to come home, Payal had planned a nice little surprise for her, one she would never forget in this lifetime. The security guys were a huge crinkle in her plans but she’d have to find a way around it. She opened her laptop and began typing away furiously.

Downstairs, Molly was on her third paratha. She could not leave a good breakfast even if it was for Payal. Garima was relieved; there was still some hope with her youngest. She sat across Molly and prodded, “Molly, why do you hate Khushi?”

Molly looked surprised at the direct question. She wiped the corners of her mouth and took another bite of her food.

“I don’t hate, Khushi, Mom. There is something about her that is…..odd. I can’t quite place my finger on it. To top it all, she is so sweet and kind, always. Sisters fight. Why can’t she be like us, normal?” Molly took her next bite without realizing the significance of her observation. Garima sucked in her breath. So that was it.
“You can’t punish her for being different or for being a good human. Molly, I want you to try ok? To be civil to her and see for yourself the truly good human being that she is.” Garima urged with her daughter. Molly shook her head in agreement, “I’ll try.” and got busy with her fourth paratha.

Sasi was worried. If the secrets were revealed, he would lose Khushi to unknown forces and he would lose everything he had held dear, his career, their lifestyle, everything. His life had been a careful house of cards that threatened to topple at the slightest hint. He had to find out what the Swiss contacts were doing about these new developments. He excused himself to his study and called the SOS number again.

“You've made a habit of calling me again and again, Dr. Gupta” the thick accent sounded groggy and irritated.

“Henri, my daughter’s life is in danger. The Sabres! FBI is asking me all sorts of questions. How much longer do you think I can hide the truth? You have to give me some guidance.” Sasi broke into a sweat as he pleaded with the man on the other side of the world.

“Tell them everything you know.” It was a plain answer.

“What? Tell them? Didn’t I destroy my past just guarding this secret with my life, hiding it from the whole world and now you are telling me to spill it, just like that? What does this mean?” Sasi voice rose in the study causing Garima to peek in. Sasi waved her away and cupped the receiver to shield his voice.

 “What you know is only the tip of the iceberg. FBI will figure that out without any help. In other words, the value of your information is now worthless.” The phone call disconnected. Sasi stood there, feeling punched to the gut and helpless.

He could not believe his ears. A secret he had sworn to secrecy, to carry unto his grave, one that had fundamentally changed his entire life, had guided all his decisions, had changed the very identity of his family, a secret he considered so profound that he had spent endless hours in virtual hell, was worthless. The years of suffering, pain and agony was worthless. The man had just ordered to him to reveal it all, to the FBI no less. 



Two days had passed since that kiss. Neither of them talked about it and ASR was thankful she did not question him further. He tried to broach the subject but one look at her lovely face and her complete trust in her, he bit back his tongue. Sooner than later, he would have to come clean about the faux pas. 

Both immersed themselves in case study and internet searches. Khushi was not allowed to access her emails as the internet lines were encrypted for FBI purposes only. Her phone was still confiscated and several times during the day she had the urge to strangle ASR. Her need to know the secret and ensure her family’s safety kept her from going insane.

ASR ached for her. He could not believe he was asinine enough to blurt out Lana’s name in the throes of passion. He had not been with any woman since Lana and the heady concoction that was Khushi assaulted his senses to such an extent that he assumed it was Lana.


He had no hopes of ever redeeming himself in her eyes. It was for the better, he consoled himself. The growing attraction was distracting him from his work. Yet, every time he watched her hair tied in a casual pony revealing that bare neck of hers, he rued his mistake. The sooner he got her out of this mess, the better it would be for both of them.

Maybe, just maybe, I can pursue her in more appropriate setting.

Their break came when Kevin called ASR. He wanted them to meet Dr. Sasi Gupta, who had some information on the Sabres. He insisted he wanted ASR and Khushi home. It was easier now that the family had a security detail keeping them under 24/7 surveillance. They decided to take the road trip back to the suburb of Chicago.


Zurich, Switzerland, Bank Herzog Deutschland Private

The clerk hurried into the expansive office of the manager and hammered away in German.  

“We have a suspicious activity on an account, Mr. Herzog.”

“What kind of suspicious activity?” the young upstart and scion of the Herzog family dynasty asked.

“there have been numerous attempts to access the account. The safety deposits were visited ten times last quarter and every time the authorization failed. The visits were time apart so the accounts would not be automatically locked but this repeated failure is cause for alert.”

“Give me the account details and get the security camera footage from safe deposit location.”

“The account details are on your desk in that yellow folder. I will get working on the footage.”

Herzog pulled the file open and noted the date on the account.

January 10th, 1940.

That is a world war two era account

He had a distinctly uncomfortable feeling about it. He got up to call the Police but on second thoughts decided his internal security should try to handle it first. The history of inquisitions, questions and impropriety were better left as relics of the past, untouched and unnamed.

If this is blood money, I don’t want my bank’s name pulled through muck.

For Herzog, the prestige and honor of running one of the oldest banking institutions in Switzerland came with grave responsibilities and some brutal truths. But one thing was clear in his head, the bank’s name could not be put under more scrutiny than it had already encountered.

No blood money will ever cross my bank. I will see to it.


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  50. Lana??? Seriously??? Asr needs a punch in the gut!!! N payal is Sucha waste fello

  51. No he didn't!! hmmm...waiting to know what sasi knows...

  52. WTH the bloody idiot; can't believe he said Lana, what an insult!!!

    I hope he gets over her & soon as we need some ArHi loving & she isn't going to let him anywhere near her, rightly so, until she is sure he is completely over Lana & not likely to repeat his stupid mistake!!!

    What the hell is Payals problem with her own sister?!?!