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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chapter 3 - Blow hot, Blow cold, Blow a kiss

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Sasi and Garima helped Khushi on to the bed. Gitu was in the kitchen loading the groceries after setting some coffee to brew.

“Khushi beta, I think you need to take a break and come home.” Garima fluffed a pillow and set it behind Khushi’s head.

“I am fine mom. I should be back to work in a day or two.” She said petulantly. Shyam entered the room, immediately plunging her in to a darker mood.

“Aunty! Your daughter is one of the most stubborn human beings I’ve had to deal with ever!” He made a face and Garima broke into a warm smile seeing him. Sasi got up from his chair and before he could shake hands with is future son in law, Shyam pulled the man into bear hug.

“So good to see you,Uncle. I can see you’ve been staying fit!”

Sasi knew it was this charm offensive that had the Gupta family welcome Shyam into their family with open arms. Garima was the next victim of his exuberant hug as Shyam showered her with compliments winning her over in one fell swoop. Khushi gritted her teeth. How can a man be super nice and yet be such a suffocating control freak next second?

She remembered their first months together. He was one of the most eligible doctors when Khushi had joined Northwestern for her residency. Charming, handsome, and flirty, Shyam was used to attention from other women, be it doctors or nurses. Khushi was patently turned off by his playboy attitude and had kept her distance. That was the cue Shyam needed.

She had resisted, oh god and how. But the force with which he wooed her left her overwhelmed and breathless. All her life, she had been an outsider looking in, and when a popular doctor prusued her, the temptation was too much to resist. Within two months he had torn down her defenses with a softer gullible side to him that won her over. And then he had proposed.

Not to behave like a petulant child and be subject to ridicule by others, she had accepted. Gitu had fought with her when she broke the news. She was vehemently opposed to the idea but in the end, she wanted Khushi to be happy. She held her uncomfortable peace with Shyam.

Things had taken a slow about turn after the engagement. She suspected that after the thrill of the conquest was over, she had just become another toy for him, to be controlled and fitted into his scheme of things. The saving grace was the seeming genuine affection he had for her family. Her family adored him making it harder for her to break the engagement.

Shyam had inadvertently helped her get closer to her younger siblings, Payal and Malayka. The sisters had a serious crush on him and had gotten closer to her if only to get closer to him. She was the collateral that came with Shyam but she did not resent that. After years of trying to fit in her sisters’ universe, she had Shyam to thank for finally getting her somewhere with them. She sighed.

Payal and Malayka. Growing up, Khushi had felt like an outsider in their little private world. In fact, she felt like an outsider all her life, never really fitting in, lonely as a child and extremely quiet during her high school years. Her uncharacteristically flawless ivory skin and green-grey eyes were anathema that shoved her apart from her family. She sensed her sisters resented her, for she was always announced the beauty in the family, while the girls were pretty in a traditionally Indian way. During her gawky teen years, the feelings of being an outcast only got worse with unwanted attention from boys, further irking the younger sisters. Khushi hated those years and had wished no one would caw over her looks, just so she could endear herself to her sisters. She stayed away from the typical high school experiences, pouring herself into books and reading. But nothing changed the mild distance the girls had kept from her.

Lonely cries and dark nights were many. Garima understood and counseled her in the most loving way only a mother could by recounting family stories that helped Khushi forget her isolation. Among the family lore, the closest to her was the one about her great grandparents. Apparently she inherited her iridescent beauty from her great grandma, who had enraptured her great grandfather into a whirlwind romance of their times. Those stories had kept her intact, giving her a deep sense of connection with her great grandma, her roots. She had role played her many a times, and imagined a whirl wind romance of her own. Shyam knocked on her door and brought her back to her room.

“Khushi, take a few days off. I’ve gotten you off the rotations.” He stood leaning on the door.


“Shyam, please, the last thing I want is to feel like an invalid. I am sure the FBI is doing its due diligence. Don’t do this to me.” She knew it fell on deaf ears as he entered the room, pecked her cheek and mopped her hair. She jerked her head away in protest. He laughed and left the room.


Khushi sat and toyed with the business card of Agent Arnav Singh Raizada. ASR, that’s how he goes. She debated whether she should call him and find out if there was any new development.

Really? New development? On the case or with him? 

She took a deep breath and exhaled. She punched the numbers and the phone rang.

One ring-I must hang up. Two rings -I am crazy. Three rings -oops, its him.

“Hello, This is ASR.” His deep voice froze her. Jaguar.

”Hello?” he repeated.

“Ugh! Hi, Hello, This is Khushi, Khushi Gupta.” She hesitated, dropping the Kumari, which always made her feel virginal and gauche.

There was a pause on the other side. This is a bad idea, maybe I should hang up. She was about to, when he answered.

“Hi, Dr. Gupta, how are feeling? I was about to call you today. We have some new developments.”

“You do?”

“Yes, can we meet today?”

Meet? Meet? Is he kidding her, of course, they can meet.

“Yes, there is a West Egg café off of Ontario and Ohio.”


Khushi couldn’t explain the giddiness in her steps as she trudged the newest layer of snow. She climbed the stairs to the café and noted a seated ASR by the window. He waved at her from behind the large expansive window of the café. Oh Blasted Blizzard! He is gonna be the death of me! She smiled and waved back.

ASR felt his pulse quicken. It was irrational but it was there, the pull of those green-grey eyes or the green eyed monster as NK liked to call her. She walked in smiling and took her coat and cap off. He stopped breathing.

The wound over her left eye had healed. The purple bruises were no longer visible and she was beautiful! Hell, beautiful is an understatement, she is a goddess. Her green-grey eyes looked incredibly green picking the sage green of her fitted cashmere sweater. The swan-neck was unjustly hiding under the turtleneck as the cashmere swathed her shapely torso and disappeared into her skinny jeans. The jeans didn’t fail to show off her shapely quads and butt, he noted with a smile, a sign that she worked out. The jeans ended in her practical, long brown leather snow boots. She sat in front of him and smiled expectantly. He sat there speechless.

Her head was fighting his aftershave. Hugo Boss,no, Kenneth Cole or was it Escada, no wait that’s hmm, that’s him, all him.
She felt stupid gaping at him with her fake smile while her mind warred with something animalistic in him. Geez! I should stop reading that stupid chic lit, The Filigreed Sun, its messing with my mind, she pinched herself.

ASR broke the silence.

 “His name was Lev Zaslavsky.”

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The mention of the dead man pulled Khushi’s mood down. ASR immediately regretted his choice of conversation opener. He had the urge to correct it.

“A low life really, three murder charges, two sexual assaults, many cases of forgery, money laundering and heists. No loss to humanity as such. We think he might be a henchman from the local arm of Russian Jewish Mafia.”

She sat with her eyes downcast and ASR hoped she would look up so he could soak in that green-grey ocean. No luck. The waitress took their orders of cappuccino and latte. ASR continued.

“Do you have any reason to believe you this man. Why would he be in your apartment?”

“No” she spoke distractedly and looked out the window. A black Mercedes pulled into the metered parking across the café. She wanted to get away, and take her mind off the killing. She was responsible for a man’s death. She sighed.

“Listen, Dr. Gupta.”

“Call me Khushi, please.” She turned to look at him and their eyes collided. He knew he liked the sound of her voice. He agreed.

“Khushi” he paused, “As I was saying, he was a low life and you shouldn’t waste your energy over the incident. But, there is something you should know. These are very dangerous people. If there is anything you can think of that could bring that man to your place, anything unusual in the past several days or from your past…” he trailed off when he saw her looking out the window, tears pooling on her lower lids. He knew she would take time to come to terms with the killing. He decided he would not push her. He looked out.

Two men got out of the Mercedes and began pacing towards the café. ASR’s mind raced. He kept his voice down and normal, and leaned closer to her.

He whispered casually, with a smile, “We are being followed. Don’t make any sudden moves.”

He got up and took her arm. “There is a door to the back of the café, we should exit.”

The two got up and hurried towards the back door of the café. Khushi pulled over her lime green hat and coat and followed ASR. The waitress looked confused as she served their coffee.

“Your coffee!” the waitress called after them.

“Later, the tab’s on the table.”

As the two exited, ASR turned back to find the men enter the café and look around frantically. Not finding them in the café, they concluded the two must have exited via the rear door. The men bolted in their direction.

“Quick, they are hot on our heels. Come on! Fast! They won’t dare do anything stupid in broad daylight.”

Khushi began shaking as ASR almost dragged her with him holding her hand, and headed towards Michigan Avenue. He figured they were safer in a crowded street than an almost empty café. As the two quick stepped, ASR turned to see the men exit the rear door and look around to locate the two.

“Hurry, I think they saw us.”

Khushi turned and her eyes met one of the men's eyes. Cold, brutal, and dead, the words that best described those eyes. A shiver went down her body.

"Don't look, Khushi!"
A piece of metal gleamed from under the man's coat.
"Oh my God! he's got a gun!" she screamed.

They broke into a run and made a quick right cut into Michigan. The sea of holiday window shoppers swallowed the two in the swarm. ASR turned back and found the men following them. Shit, he had to do something to lose them.

Her heart was thumping hard and she was tempted to look behind. She could barely keep step with ASR as he waded and pushed through the crowd of shoppers. The men were closing in. Khushi tried to look again when ASR stopped her, “Don’t look!” She followed his instructions and kept walking.

“Hell, they are getting closer!” ASR winced.

“What do we do now?” she was getting winded and Michigan avenue was unending.

“Your hat and coat. Too bright!”

Khushi was nervous and irritated. “Well, I wasn’t quite expecting to be accosted. I’d have worn my hobos.” He smiled at her. He loved her spunk and quick wit. On a better day he would have loved to argue with her. Not now, not today.

She looked at him with rising alarm when he smiled wickedly. In one swift movement, he pulled her hat off.

“What the!” she couldn’t complete her sentence, before he yanked her arm and pulled her into a small enclave of a lingerie storefront. He quickly unbuttoned her coat and yanked it off her shoulders. A cold blast of air hit her through her cashmere.

“What are you doing?” she hollered. Before she could utter another word, he threw away her jacket and hat, and then he pushed her to glass window wall with full force, landing the entire length of his body against her before firmly planting an urgent kiss on her lips.


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