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Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 9 - A little bit of us

ASR heard her screams.


He ran in the direction of her screams. He ignored the sticking branches and slippery ground as he rushed into the woods. He heard her scream again and then everything went silent. He doubled up.

He found her on the ground. NK was bending over her, checking her pulse.

“Khushi! Is she ok? Khushi, are you alright?” he shook her gently but there was no response. Her head rolled around and her body was limp.

“O no, no, no.” He carried her in his arms and rushed to the cabin. NK followed and opened the door for them.
“Quick. First aid and water.”

ASR lowered her to the bed and quickly loosened her jacket and scarf. He noticed a purple bruise on her forehead and a thin red blood stained line on her light corduroys. She was hurt. NK rushed in with the first aid box.

“What happened? Did you see anyone, anything?” ASR queried as he unbuttoned her jeans.
“I was driving in when I heard her scream. I followed the trail and found her passed out on the ground. She must have gotten scared of something; there are deer and coyotes here.”
“She was running from something. Coyotes and deer don’t chase people, dammit.” 

His mind was racing at the possibility of being discovered. They could not risk it. He instructed NK to recon the area and inform headquarters. He turned his attention to her.

He was about to pull her jeans down when he realized NK was still in the room. He titled his head and gestured NK to leave the room. NK left the room to see through his instructions. ASR pulled her jeans down slowly and checked the gash. It was not deep, thankfully, but it was a long one across her thigh. He cleaned the area and applied antiseptic cream before covering it with gauze and bandage. He placed an ice pack on her forehead. He covered her bare legs and patted several times on her cheeks.  

Khushi opened her eyes and her pupils moved around. She saw ASR peering over her with NK behind him. She tried to rise up when she was promptly pushed back into the bed. 

“Keep your head down, Khushi. How are you feeling?” ASR asked, wiping her forehead with a tissue.
“Groggy, tired, woozy, crappy, fucked up.” she barked
ASR looked at NK, “She is fine.” NK agreed,”Yes, she is.”
“No, I am not. Something happened there in the woods.”
“Khushi, why were you running? You apparently hit a low hanging branch on the head and passed out. Did you see someone?”
“I don’t know, I don’t remember.” She rubbed her temples and frowned, “I think someone followed me.”

NK and ASR exchanged looks.

 “What is he doing here?” she asked, shifting to her side on the bed.
“He is here to update me with some new information and also to check on us to make sure we have everything we need.” ASR got her a glass of water and sat on the edge of the bed. She raised her head and sipped a bit before handing it back to him.

“I want you to rest now and later I want to re-bandage that nasty gash on your leg.”  He patted her head and stood up, “Try not to fall asleep. You hit on head on a branch, there is  left the room.

“Nasty gash?” she raised her head and peeked under the blanket. She was horrified to find that she had no pants on and a 4 inch bandage ran across her left thigh.

“Argh! This is all I need. A nurse who undresses me and nibbles on me.” She complained to an empty room and threw her head back. She fell asleep with no energy left in her to rue her pathetic situation.


“ASR, its not good news.” NK got himself a cup of coffee and settled in the dining room chair. A reams of paper lay on the table, as ASR studied them one by one. “Eleven members of royal families from different parts of the world, missing or dead. The Sabres that belonged to them are missing too.”

“What are they hiding? And why is mafia interested in those Sabres? I mean those are worth nothing in the open market. Sure they were made in the world war two era, but it has no other significance. So why in the world do they want it?” he scratched his fresh stubble that had already grown barely hours into the day.

“I wonder if we can lay our hands on one of those. “ ASR asked, standing up and stretching his back. NK nodded and offered,”We can ask our art historian experts. They might know what it means.”

“That’s a fantastic idea NK. Send the pictures of the sabre to them right away. Consult Joseph Isaacson from Field Museum, if you have to. He’s consulted with us before.”
“Sounds good.”
“I am beginning to wonder if Khushi is somehow related to these families. It might be a case of mistaken identity. I will try to find out from her. Meanwhile keep me updated on what you find out about the Sabres.”
“Will do.” NK rose to leave. “Alright bro, take care.”

 ASR landed a quick hug from NK. “And tell your lady love to stay off the phone. Her friend Gitu is asking a million questions. In fact, she’s asked me out on a date and something tells me it’s not because she finds me interesting.” He stood with a stupid grin on his face.

“She is not my lady love. And yes, keep your eyes and ears open. There is no way they could have found us heading here but they did. I suspect a mole.” ASR’s forehead creased in deep thought.
“No kidding! You think so?” NK answered in surprise, “Who would dare such a thing?”
“Someone who wants a piece of the pie. The question is, is this person in the bureau or someone Khushi knows.” ASR shot NK a glance. NK’s face was drained of color.
“What’s the matter?”
‘Ugh! Nothing. Better watch our backs.” NK mumbled and bid adieu in a hurry.

ASR went back in to check on Khushi.


Noam planned the next steps carefully. First, they would find a place in Door County. The area was about 100 square miles, fairly large to scout for the bird but they’d have to begin the dragnet from one corner to the other. It was an FBI safe house but the Snitch had failed to get the exact coordinates. A bit of hand wringing was in order.

“David, wake up, you idiot. We are not here to vacation.” He kicked the back of his companion who was sprawled on the bed. David swore and got up reluctantly.

“Call the Snitch and twist the dagger, don’t want anyone getting too comfortable with us. A little reminder to show what they are dealing with would be nice.”

“What do you have in mind?” David grumbled through the foam of paste hanging on the edge of his jaw. Noam winced at the unsightly man.

“Fuck you! Do I have to teach you everything? Send a dead fish, cut an animal and parcel that, anything that is threatening enough.”

Noam’s phone buzzed and he noted it was the Snitch. “Hello there, now tell me we have good news.”
“Listen, you bastard. I am trying very hard to get the coordinates but the fucking FBI agent smelled rat and now I have no idea where they are. I need more time.”

Noam grinned. He was a man of infinite patience, and the chance to play the game turned him on.

“Oh, really? I need not remind you what we can do. Need I?” his menace was on full throttle. His dirty teeth gnashed at the smell of fresh kill. There was nothing in the world Noam enjoyed more than watching the blood rush out of the jugular vein of a human body. The process of capture, incarceration, the struggle of the captured, the pleas, the horrified cry and finally the buttery skin splitting open as the knife slice through the vein, gushing red juices flowing out in copious amounts. He had a hard on just thinking about it. And of course, Mariam, his lover of 30 years.

Noam, a butcher by profession was no bumbling fool. His placid face and hillbilly appearance hid a deeply disturbed psychopath, the only kind Mafia hired to do their dirty jobs.

The Snitch shivered in fear. Time was running out.


Khushi got up and warmed her lunch. Her stomach growled in protest having been ignored for over six hours. She found ASR poring over a mound of papers on the dining table. She decided to watch TV and eat in the living room. She found the newest episodes of New Girl and began chomping on the Chinese take out. ASR lifted his head to watch her.

She was chuckling at the antics of Zooey Deschanel. He decided to work on the papers later and joined her in the living room.
“What are you watching?” he asked.
“oh nothing, just this new series. She is funny, Zooey.” She patted the seat next to her, inviting him to sit down.
He sat next to her and watched with her. He stole a glance in her direction and there it was again. Her neck sported a small purple hickie below her ears.
Shoot, I did that to her.
“Khushi, I wanted to ask you something.” He decided to change the subject in his mind.
“Do you know if your family has any royal lineage?”
Khushi stopped munching on her food. She set the plate on the table and turned in his direction.
“No, why do you ask?”

ASR narrated everything NK had found - the missing Sabres, the dead royals and the threat of being followed to the cabin.
“Are you saying that they could follow us here?” she panicked.
“Well, that’s always a possibility.”
She stood up with a jerk and began pacing the room.”See, I really thought I was being followed this morning. I am damn sure of it. What do they want?”

“I doubt it Khushi. If they were here, they would have either tried to kill you or kidnapped you by now.” ASR stretched on the sofa and offered an explanation, “It could be a deer, because the woods have quite a few of them”

“I don’t know, this whole thing is so fucked up. I am so confused.”

“Can your Dad help us trace your family tree? May be there is a royal connection that ties you back to the Sabres? And if there is then….” ASR paused and stood up with alarm.

“Then my family is in danger too!” Khushi finished his thought. “Tell me, they are safe, tell me that FBI can protect them, please ASR, you have to do this for me.” She pleaded with him, tugging his shirt collar.

He held her wrists to steady her and then he cupped her face. “I promise Khushi. I will get a detail dispatched to your family’s place right now.” He lifted her chin and continued in a soothing voice, hoping to calm her, “Now, you don’t panic. Ok? We need to think this through. Panicking wont help.”

She shook her head. She looked so innocent and scared, it broke his heart. He leaned forward and pecked her lips. Then he let go of her. She knew if she did not stop, she would go into a full anxiety attack and she could not let any harm befall her family, least of because of her. She sat down to calm her nerves.

After a few phone calls, he joined her in the living room with his plate of food.
“I’ve sent security over, so no worries. Let’s talk about your family, friends, people you know. Maybe, there is a lead we can work on.” He put his arm around her shoulders and squeezed. She laid her head on his shoulder and said in a weak and distant voice, “What do you want to know?”
“Tell me who’s in your family.”
“Well, my dad, mom and two sisters. Dad is a practicing doctor at Mercy’s and Mom is a homemaker. My younger sister Payal is in her second year of undergraduate study with Northwestern, she wants to be a lawyer and my youngest, Malayka, is a sophomore in high school.”
“Your sister is in Chicago?” he was surprised to find this bit of information.
“Yes” she replied in a very small voice, “But we are not close. She hates me.”
“We begin by hating our siblings. But they grow on you.”
“Maybe yours do. Not mine. Do you have siblings?” she turned and watched him down his chow mien with a swig of beer. He nodded and spoke with a mouthful of food, “I do” he swallowed and the bobbing Adam’s apple did not skip her notice. She lowered her eyes.

“I have an older sister, Anjali. She is married and lives with her husband in Boston. They have a daughter, Anya.”
“Oooo, so you are an Uncle.” She clasped her hands and detected the pride with which ASR described his family.
“But more about me later, tell me more about your siblings.”
“Payal and I never connected. Her hatred for me has only grown worse over the years. And she influences Molly, Malayka. Payal is home for the holidays right now. She is doing independent study this semester so she does not need to be on campus.”
“Hmmm.” ASR took another swig of the beer and looked away from Khushi, getting uncomfortable about the next question he was about to ask.

“What about your fiancé?” he spoke with considerable difficulty trying to keep his anger bolted and locked.
“Who? Oh, you mean Shyam. He is a pain in the ass.” She said casually waving her hands in a dismissive gesture. ASR’s eyes bulged out in surprise.
“He is.” He mocked eliciting a smile from Khushi. “But whats the deal between you two? Sorry for being direct, but I can’t picture you with that overbearing…” he stopped after changing his mind about using an expletive to describe Shyam.

“Prick? Neither can I.” she finished the sentence for him and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She grew visibly irritated at the mention of his name and was debating whether to reveal the real deal between them. It could destroy her family and it did not seem relevant to the case. He waited for her to continue but she remained silent. He decided to prod her further.
“So, nothing. He is my fiancé and we have our differences. I don’t think our private issues are relevant for our discussion here” She effectively shut that discussion. ASR picked on her irritation regarding Shyam but he didn’t want to push his luck or opinion on her. He decided to bring him up another time.

“Ok, Do you have family in India?” he took another mouthful of his food and changed the topic.
“Yes, we did. But no one close is alive now. My great grandparents and grandparents were from Gwalior but we migrated to the US when I was a month old. Dad and mom don’t tell us much about their siblings but I am pretty sure there is no love lost between them. We have not really kept in touch with anyone.”
“Hmmm, tell me more about your grandparents in Gwalior. Do you think they belong to the royal families of Gwalior?”

Khushi sat up, her eyes blazing with wild curiosity. “You know Mom told me tall tales of how I resembled my great grandma, given my grey-green eyes. I thought she said those things to make me happy. But her narrative always included chariots, royal palaces, and a prince charming, do you think my great grandma could have been a royal?” she looked as excited as a child in a candy store. She was sure she had hit the jackpot.
ASR could not help but notice the grey-green eyes. They were unusual and right now, there were burning bright. He really wanted her and he was tired of resisting her. But, first things first.

“Its possible. We should talk to your parents; perhaps we could pay a short visit for Christmas, in 4 days!”

“Oh, ASR!” she jumped with excitement and threw herself on him, tightening a bear hug around his neck. “You don’t know how happy it makes me. To be back home with my family, for Christmas. Oh, thank you, thank you so much!” she pulled back and landed a careless kiss on his lips. Before she could pull back, ASR cupped the back of her head and pulled her face down, completing the kiss. 


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